What is a home visit?

Time is short and the days are long. The last thing you want to do is get stuck in traffic to come to and from the spa to get a massage from someone you’re not even sure has been in practice that long.

Well, let me give you another solution!

I come to you. I have the table, the sheets, the music and the skills. I’ve been a Massage Therapist for over 9 years and if you’ve got pain, I’ve got your back.

Home Visits are not only convenient but easily accessible. Plus, you get complete privacy! I’ve had clients who get massages right before they start a busy day or after one.

My goal by providing home visits is to make sure everyone gets a massage without the stress.  With Home Visits you get:

Preferred Massage Techniques- Deep Tissue or Swedish, I tailor every experience to you.

Experienced NYS Licenced Massage Therapist- Did I mention I’ve been an LMT for over 9 years, plus continued education?

No dealing with multiple staff members- You schedule with me, you get to ask questions and I do the massage. No miscommunication, just straightforward.

No drive time or hassle of waiting- Probably one of the best reasons!

Convenient Scheduling- Want to be able to nap after? Want to Start your day on a great note? Just want an excuse to chill? The options are endless!

Choice of Music- If you want a massage to Spa Music, Coffeehouse or Heavy Metal, the choice is yours!


So Call: 585.301.1439



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