“Massage is vital to my ability to play drums for weeks on end while preventing small muscle traumas from becoming much more serious ones.  As a drummer, I get knots from head to toe that feel like rocks.  Mandi is one of the rare and knowledgeable massage therapists that are capable of healing those traumas and even deeper ones caused from neglect.”  –Mike Mangini, Drummer of Dream Theater.

One of the rare and knowledgeable massage therapists

“Mandi hooked it up!! With her arrival, our back porch turned into a relaxing spa. Her professionalism, natural talent, and knowledge for massage therapy shined! Not only did she provide three enjoyable massages, she also shared some at home remedies for shedding stress and tension. Mandi was able to target our needs while bringing a genuine, accepting, and positive vibe to the experience. Needless to say, I will be booking with her again, Go Mandi!” Megan Marrese, Rochester NY

Turned my home into a Spa!

“Mandi was fantastic!! She was sweet, professional, and an amazing therapist! Having her come to my home, where I could be completely comfortable was a wonderful experience! I will be booking with her again soon!” – Rachael K., Rochester, NY

Sweet, Professional, and an Amazing therapist!

“I have fibromyalgia and have had muscle spasms and chronic pain. Since getting home visits from Mandi for a year now I am a changed woman. I finally can feel like I can get up in the morning without dreading the day! Thank you so much, Mandi!” -C.S. Rochester, NY


Changed my life!

“Received my first deep tissue massage with Mandi. I have several herniated discs which cause my muscles to take the brunt of everything causing knots and muscles that lock up on me.
Mandi came to my home with her mobile office. Complete with hot towels.
She spoke to me for a bit to learn what my back issues were and what I expected to gain with the massage.
I’ll tell you what don’t let her size fool you. Mandi was able to apply pressure I didnt think was possible. She was able to work out the knots and tightened muscles leaving me feeling much lighter and relaxed enabling me to go to the state fair without having to sit down every 200 yards.
Highly recommended , Mandi is a master of her craft, professional, knowledgeable and witty.”  -JT Cohan, Rochester NY



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Master of Her Craft