NYS Licensed Massage Therapist,

Providing Quality Home Visits or spa appointments to ease and relax tired muscles and mind.

*DUE TO COVID-19 PROTOCOLS, ONLINE BOOKING IS NOT AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW* Call the spa to book any spa appointments with Mandi. 585.360.2700.

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“Massage is vital to my ability to play drums for weeks on end while preventing small muscle traumas from becoming much more serious ones.  As a drummer, I get knots from head to toe that feel like rocks.  Mandi is one of the rare and knowledgeable massage therapists that are capable of healing those traumas and even deeper ones caused from neglect.”  –Mike Mangini, Drummer of Dream Theater.

One of the rare and knowledgeable massage therapists

“Mandi hooked it up!! With her arrival, our back porch turned into a relaxing spa. Her professionalism, natural talent, and knowledge for massage therapy shined! Not only did she provide three enjoyable massages, she also shared some at home remedies for shedding stress and tension. Mandi was able to target our needs while bringing a genuine, accepting, and positive vibe to the experience. Needless to say, I will be booking with her again, Go Mandi!” Megan Marrese, Rochester NY

Turned my home into a Spa!